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LAW Press Release

19 May 2001

Israeli air raids on PNA installations

In the latest escalation by the Israeli military against Palestinians, F16 fighter jets launched an air strike on police stations in Nablus and Ramallah yesterday evening, Friday 18 May 2001. In Nablus two fighter jets shelled the police station with a missile that totally destroyed the eastern part of the building, killing 11 Palestinian police officers and wounding 47, as well as a number of Palestinian civilians. An eyewitness told LAW that he and his brother were in a car returning from Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus, approximately 50m from the police station when they heard a loud explosion. At first they assumed it was just a sonic boom from an aircraft, but seconds later a large cloud of heavy black smoke rose above the station. He asked his brother to stop the car and rushed towards the station, only to find it completely demolished with many National Security Force (NSF) members lying on the ground and others aiding them. The target in fact consisted of two buildings; Central Nablus Prison from the west side and the police station from the east, the two buildings separated by a large gate. The jets sent down a missile that totally destroyed the eastern part of the building. Mahmoud Abu Hanood, a Hamas activist detained in the targeted building, was among the injured. The following are the names of the police officers killed in Nablus: 1. 21-year-old Khaled Sbaih from Tayaseer, Tubas 2. 25-year-old Ayman Ma’ruf from Al Nakura, Nablus 3. 34-year-old Rif’at Rabay’a from Maythalun, Jenin 4. 22-year-old Nasri Yacoub from Deir Al Hatab 5. 23-year-old Mu’taz Al Khateeb from Boreen 6. 23-year-old Fadi Hamid from Biet Dajan 7. 25-year-old Ahmad Khader from Biet Iba, Nablus 8. 29-year-old Wa’el Abu Khader from Al Jadida, Jenin 9. 19-year-old Fahid Bani Odeh from Tamoon, Jenin 10. 20-year-old Rami Yaseen, a cook at the post from Aseera Al Shamaliya, Nablus 11. 19-year-old Nabeel Ismail, a cook at the post from Deir Ighsoun, Tulkarem. Palestinian medical sources at the Ministry of Health announced that the total wounded as a result of the Israeli attack on the Nablus police station was 47, including 20 by shrapnel and others who suffered nervous breakdowns and fainting. The following people were hit by shrapnel: · Ra’ed Ali, 19, from Tubas, shrapnel in the face. · Ayed Hassoun, 75, from Beit Umrein, shrapnel in the chest and head. · Ali Shtayyeh, 22, from Tal, shrapnel in the left foot. · Nasser Ali, 22, from Balata refugee camp, shrapnel in the face. · Abdel Naser Shashtari, 23, from Nablus, shrapnel in the face. · Fadi Al Habash, 27, from Nablus, shrapnel in the back of the head. · Iyyad Al Qutob, 24, from Nablus, shrapnel in the left leg. · Abdil Rahman Abu Areesheh, 20, from Gaza, shrapnel in the face. · Muhammad Fares, 23, from Balata refugee camp, shrapnel in the right hand. · Shadi Al Najami, 26, from Ein Beit Al Ma’ refugee camp, shrapnel in the left foot. · Iyyad Sa’adeh, 24, from Tal, shrapnel in the back of the head. · Na’el Qazeeh, 22, from Gaza, shrapnel in the back. · Mustafa Muslim called Castro, 40, from Gaza, the head of the police station in Nablus, shrapnel in the forehead and chest. · Mahmoud Abu Hnoud, 26, from Aseerah Al Shimalyia, arrested at the Force, light shrapnel wound in the hand. · Nahed Hamadi, 39, from Sibastyia, shrapnel in the neck. · Hafeth Al Ghalayeeni, 27, from Nablus, shrapnel in the head. · Ra’fat Wahdan, 30, from Tamoun, shrapnel in the head and left leg. · Ahmad Masha, 21, from Balata refugee camp, shrapnel in the left knee. · Munir Hatatbeh, 30, from Beit Fureek, shrapnel in the chin and right hand. · Omar Lafi, 19, from Gaza, shrapnel in the head. At around 5:15pm on the same day day, Israeli F16 fighter jets rocketed the Force 17 headquarter in Al Masyoun in Ramallah, killing 24-year-old Ismail Abu Rafee’a from Gaza and completely demolishing the building. The Israeli offensive injured 16 people with shrapnel, nervous breakdowns and shock. Shrapnel hit 7 people: 1. Shireen Al Bayari, 2, shrapnel all over her body. 2. Nadia Al Tarifi, 10, shrapnel in the shoulder and limbs. 3. Omar Al Jimzawi, 9, shrapnel in the mouth and forehead. 4. Mahmoud Ayyad, 15, shrapnel in the hand. 5. Ra’ed Al Salhi, 25, shrapnel in the legs. 6. Abdul Rahman Marar, 21, a Force17 member from Gaza, shrapnel and fainting. 7. Rami Abed Rabbo, 18, from Al Am’ari refugee camp, shrapnel in the face, right hand and leg. In addition, shelling caused severe damage to many civilian establishments: 1. The Grand Park Hotel, all the windows were smashed. 2. The Rocky Hotel, all the windows were smashed. 3. The 3-storey Palestinian Communication Company offices, all the windows were smashed and doors destroyed. 4. A 4-storey residential building, lived in by the families of: Amer Al Tarifi (11 inhabitants), Ali Al Bayari (9 inhabitants) and Saleh Al Bayari (9 inhabitants), window and door destruction. At 8.40 pm Israeli fighter jets shelled three Palestinian security posts in Gaza, including the Palestinian Security headquarters in Ansar, Gaza city, and the Navy offices in Al Sudaniya, Beit Lahia (north Gaza). The shelling destroyed the targeted buildings and injured 19 people including civilians. At 8.45 pm three Apache helicopters shelled the Force 17 headquarters in Tulkarem. According to LAW documentation, the gunships hit the building, which had been evacuated an hour before the Israeli offensive, with six missiles, destroying it completely. Israeli reinforcements took place at entrances to Palestinian towns such as Al Bireh, Ramallah, Hebron, Khan Younis and Rafah, and overnight Israeli forces made three attempts to break into Al Bireh, Dier Nitham and Beit Reema in the district of Ramallah. At 6:30am on Saturday 19 May, while a number of Force 17 members were on patrol in the area of Beitunya cemetery, west Ramallah (under PA control), Israeli soldiers opened fire from a Palestinian residential building (confiscated 6 months ago) at the patrol car members who were 300m away from the building. As a result, 18-year-old Ahmad Jibreel from Salfit was critically hit in the right shoulder by gunshot that settled directly over his heart. At around 7:15 am, the Israeli military committed a new cold-blooded crime similar to the murder of the five NSF members at Beitunya checkpoint on Monday May 14, 2001. An Israeli military force in civilian clothes infiltrated a PNA Security checkpoint at the western entrance to Selit Al Harthiyeh, south-west Jenin. Having done so, they opened fire at the checkpoint from a distance of 200m. 35-year-old first lieutenant Fawaz Damaj from Jenin was hit in the chest by three bullets, one of which settled in the heart killing him instantly, and 26-year-old Muhammad Daloub from Selit Al Harthiyeh was critically hit by a bullet in the shoulder. A LAW researcher from Jenin stated that at that time there were absolutely no clashes taking place, and the members of the Palestinian checkpoint were not actively on duty. He added that the Israeli force withdrew after the shooting and went to the Israeli Civil Administration post at Salem checkpoint, around 1,500 metres from the Palestinian National Security checkpoint. At noon today (Saturday), three Israeli Apache jets shelled the PA headquarters in Tulkarem, targeting the Palestinian Liaison post, police station, security apparatus officials meeting room, restaurant and the waiting hall with 6 missiles. 67 apparatus members were injured, including 37 by shrapnel and the rest from shock and nervous breakdowns. 28-year-old Palestinian Liaison member Marwan Nour from Anabta was critically hit by shrapnel in the right thigh. The shelling caused severe damage to the walls, roofs and contents of these installations, smashing the windows and destroying the doors as well. At 12:15 pm today, during the funeral of first lieutenant Fawaz Al Damaj, four Israeli Apache jets fired 11 missiles at the 2-storey Force 17 headquarters, destroying four military cars parked in front of the building, which itself sustained broken roofs, cracked walls and furniture damage. Following the funerals of the 11 victims, clashes broke out between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli forces at the southern checkpoint in Nablus (Kufur Qalil), where Israeli soldiers opened fire at demonstrators and instantly killed 20-year-old Hammam Abdil Haq from Nablus with a bullet in the eye that penetrated his head. LAW Society demands the following: 1. The Israeli government to immediately stop its crimes and collective punishment against Palestinians. 2. An international investigation committee to be set up, working according to UN Resolution 1322. 3. The Security Council to set up an international tribunal and bring the Israeli war criminals to justice, such as the case with the war criminals of ex-Yugoslavia. 4. Placing Palestinians under international protection. 5. The international community to put an end to these crimes and to the Israeli occupation.