2 large explosions in Gaza and Ramallah, killing 5

Serious damage in the Palestinian Center for Human Rights

1 May 2001

Two large explosions shook Gaza and Ramallah yesterday, Monday 30 April 2001, within six hours of each other. The explosions demolished two houses and killed 5 Palestinians, as well injuring a number of others and causing severe damage to surrounding buildings, among them the Palestinian Center for Human rights. Information received by LAW from Gaza stated that at 4.30 pm yesterday, a large explosion tore through the home of the Abu Khaled family in Omar Al Mukhtar Street, destroying the house and killing two young people: 18-year-old Hamdi Salim Al Madhoun and 17-year-old Muhammad Abdel Karim Abu Khaled, also injuring Ataf Said, 48, Abdel Karim Muhammad Al Madhoun, 32, Khalil Ibrahim Afani, 14, and Aseel Naíim Afani, 4. The Palestinian Center for Human rights stated that its main office, located next to the Abu Khaled house, was severely damaged in the blast, which cracked the concrete pillars, broke all of the windows on the first floor, cracked the walls and destroyed the electricity generator, satellite dish and electricity and telephone cables. Eyewitnesses stated that they had seen two Israeli helicopters in the area at the time of the explosion, giving credence to the possibility that the bomb was detonated by remote control from the helicopters. At around 10.15 pm yesterday, Ramallah was shaken by an explosion in a two-story compound in Ein Misbah, near Irsal Street, only 200 meters from the police headquarters. The explosion resulted in the death of 2 small children, Shaheed Jamal Barakat, 7, and his 4-year-old sister, Malak Jamal Barakat, as well as Fatah member Hassan Muhammad Hassan Al Qadi, 27, from Beitunya. Abeer Muhammad Zayed, the 25-year-old mother of the 2 small children, was wounded and bruises in her back and hands, while her 5-year-old son Waíad received several injuries including fractured bones in the face and right hand. Al Qadi, a student of Political Science at Al Quds Open University, was ëwantedí by the Israeli army. He was preparing to be married in the next few days. The PNA accuses Israel of being behind these explosions.

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