Israeli forces re-occupy Palestinian areas in Beit Hanoon and kill one Palestinian

April 17, 2001

Israeli forces have penetrated and occupied Palestinian National Security Force posts in PNA-controlled areas in Beit Hanoon, northern Gaza Strip. Late last night and early this morning Israeli forces, using gunships, battleships and tanks, shelled Fatah and NSF offices and several civilian homes. According to information received from Gaza by LAW Society, Israeli forces stationed at Erez crossing shelled NSF outposts east of Beit Hanoon on Monday evening before penetrating PNA-controlled areas at midnight. Israeli tanks and bulldozers razed four NSF outposts to the ground as well as ruining agricultural land in the area. The area penetrated was 800 metres east and one kilometre north of the PNA controlled areas. During the shelling, 23 year-old sergeant Mohammad Al Masri from Khan Yunis was hit by an anti-tank missile, which killed him instantly. The new Israeli attack wounded: · 38 year-old Imad Odwan Palestinian border guard, shrapnel injury in the head · 34 year-old Nasser Muqbil, Palestinian border guard, shrapnel injury in the face · 36 year-old Basim Afifi, with shrapnel in the left foot · 26 year-old Azmi Al Jamal, shrapnel injury in the right foot · 28 year-old Mohammad Al Bitar, shrapnel injury in the right foot · 26 year-old Musa Atiyi, shrapnel injury in the left foot At midnight, Israeli forces fired two surface-to-surface missiles at a Palestinian Preventive Security headquarters in Al Nasir, Gaza, destroying the northern section of the building. Another Israeli missile fired from the air hit the Palestinian police offices in Gaza. Israeli battleships shelled a Force 17 outpost in Al Sheikh Ijlain, southern Gaza, injuring four Palestinians. On Monday, Israeli forces shelled another Force 17 headquarters, 200 metres from Deir Al Balah, using gunship and battleship. The gunship fired two missiles, and three anti-tank missiles were fired at the same building. Automatic guns were also used in the shelling, which destroyed three offices and a Force 17 tank. One of the shells landed on Al Barook Mosque, destroying some walls. Four more surface-to-surface missiles were fired at Fatah offices in the centre of Deir Al Balah, destroying the 300 square metre second floor. The shelling wounded · Madi Madi, 27, from Khan Yunis. Madi was hit by a missile that severed his leg and arm, he is in a serious condition · Intisar Baraka, 35, hit by shrapnel in the neck · Nasir Abu Saqir, 24, hit by shrapnel in the left arm In a separate incident on Monday evening, Israeli forces stationed on the south-eastern hills of the Palestinian town of Al Khader, south of Bethlehem, subjected Al Khader and Solomon Pools to heavy shelling with anti-tank missiles and machineguns. The shelling damaged dozens of buildings in Al Khader, as well as the tourism projects in Solomon Pools. Moreover, Ayida refugee camp in Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, and Beit Jala were also shelled. The following Palestinians’ houses were severely damaged: · Dr. Johnny Matawra · George Matawra · Bo’az Abu Al Zalaf The following were wounded in the shelling · Yameen Abu Al Zalaf, 40, shrapnel wounds in the shoulder · Rose Abu Al Zalaf, 53, from Beit Sahour, shrapnel wounds all over her body · Bo’az Abu Al Zalaf, 64, from Beit Sahour, shrapnel wounds in the left eye and right hand · Abdul Khalik Abu Zaina, 32, from Nablus, a guard at one of the tourism projects, shrapnel wounds all over his body · Mahmoud Abu Takiyi, 24, from Al Aroob, beaten by Israeli soldiers at Al Khader checkpoint Israeli soldiers reportedly shot and killed 19 year-old Basil Zahran from Amman, Jordan on Monday. Basil, who was staying in Alar, Tulkarem, was shot several times at Baka Al Gharbiya checkpoint. According to LAW’s documentation, Zahran arrived from Jordan on Monday – the day he was killed - on a visit to relatives in Tulkarem. Israeli soldiers in the area where he was shot chased him, before shooting him several times - apparently from close range - and killing him instantly. However, Israeli authorities claimed that Zahran had attempted to stab one of their soldiers so they killed him. The body was handed to Palestinian officials on Tuesday and taken to Dr Thabet Thabet Hospital in Tulkarem. The initial medical report stated that Zahran: · Had bullet wounds in the chest · Had a bullet that penetrated his neck · Had a bullet that penetrated his elbow · Had a gunshot wound in the left ear · Had a gunshot wound in the left hand · X-rays of his body showed a fractured skull, broken arms and a shrapnel-riddled chest, head, shoulders and hands. LAW Society strongly condemns the war crimes of the Israeli forces against the Palestinian people. LAW also expresses its deep regret at the international community’s silence towards such crimes. LAW calls on the Security Council to convene for an urgent discussion about the 7 month-old Israeli onslaught against Palestinians. The Security Council must act immediately to send international protection for the Palestinian people.

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