Israeli forces trespass PNA-controlled areas in Khan Younis; 4 dead and 37 injured (3 critically) 31 houses demolished

In another escalation in the war being waged by the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians, at dawn on Wednesday 11 April 2001, Israeli forces invaded the PNA- controlled area of Khan Younis. In consequence, 2 Palestinians were killed and 37 injured, along with the comprehensive destruction of 31 houses. According to information gathered from the Gaza Strip by LAW, at around 11pm last night, Tuesday 10 April, Israeli forces and three Israeli military bulldozers trespassed 100m into PNA-controlled territory in order to bulldoze some houses close to Al Tufah checkpoint. In the meantime, other soldiers shelled Palestinian civilian homes from tanks with heavy machinegun fire and a helicopter hovered overhead. They were confronted by Palestinian civilians and National Security Forces, and killed 25 year-old Hani Abu Rizeq from Khan Younis (hit by shrapnel in various parts of the body), and a military liaison major, 50 year-old National Security Force member Ilias I’ beid, also from Khan Younis, who was shot in the head. In addition, 37 others were injured; 5 by live ammunition and 18 by shrapnel, leaving 3 in a critical condition: 1. 34 year-old Saber Abu I’beid, hit by live ammunition in the abdomen and right shoulder. 2. 30 year-old military liaison major Ayesh Al Mijdalawi, hit by live ammunition in the left jaw. 3. 30 year-old Subhi Abu Namous, hit by live ammunition in the right eye. In the attack, Israeli bulldozers demolished 31 homes, complete with their furniture and the families’ possessions, that were inhabited by 521 members of the Abu ‘Ubaydah, Abu Zurqa, Abu Loz, Abu Khreish, Abu Namous and Abu Radwan families. According to medical sources in Al Shifa’ hospital in Gaza, at around midnight last night, 16 year-old Mahmoud Barakat from Al Shate’ refugee camp was pronounced dead due to injuries incurred on Friday 6 April 2001 when he was shot at Al Mintar crossing in Gaza. The bullet settled in his head and he had been in intensive care at Al Shifa’ hospital since then. Today, Wednesday 11 April 2001, medical sources at the Women’s Union Hospital in Nablus declared the death of 19 year-old Mu’taz Subuh from Barqeen village in Jenin, after he was shot at noon on Thursday 5 April 2001. According to information gathered by LAW, at 9:10pm on Thursday 5 April, Israeli soldiers stationed at the bypass route around Jenin fired live ammunition at a car with three Palestinian civilians inside as they passed the German quarter east of the city. Mu’taz Subuh was hit in the head and taken to the Women’s Union Hospital in critical condition. Also, 58 year-old Khaled Mansour received a surface bullet wound in the neck, and 24 year-old Anwar Abu Hassan was badly bruised and passed out after falling out of the car as he tried to escape the gunfire. The three passengers were all from Barqeen village near Jenin. 15 minutes prior that incident, Israeli forces had shelled the area and the three had sought refuge behind the walls of nearby houses. Once the shelling had stopped, they tried to escape from the area in the car before being targeted and shot at by Israeli soldiers. LAW strongly condemns the increasing war crimes committed by Israeli forces against Palestinians and expresses sincere dismay at the International Community’s seeming unwillingness put an end to the grave Israeli violations against Palestinians. In light of the continuing escalation of Israel’s assault against the Palestinian people that has now lasted for 7 months, LAW calls on the UN Security Council to hold an urgent session to investigate this aggression and immediately work on the provision of international protection for the Palestinian people.

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