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Palestinian doctor killed

Sharon’s government escalates aggression

10 April 2001

Over the past few days, Sharon’s government has escalated its aggression, with the Israeli army today firing anti-tank missiles at Palestinian security installations and residential areas from its outposts. The escalation in the Israeli aggression came shortly after the spiritual leader of the Ultra-Orthodox Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, called in a Passover sermon for the “annihilation” of Arabs. Sharon has also threatened to increase military operations against Palestinians, and Uzi Lindaou, Israeli foreign secretary, has called for shelling Palestinians night and day. According to LAW Society’s documentation, Israeli forces stationed east of Beit Lahia fired two anti tank missiles at Palestinian navy and intelligence services headquarters in Deir Al Balah and Beit Lahia in the Gaza Strip this morning. 28 year-old Dr Wa’il Khwaiter, a lieutenant from Al Zaytun in Gaza working for the naval medical services, was killed when hit in the chest and abdomen by shrapnel from the shelling. During the attack another doctor, 50 year-old Ghassan Anabtawi, suffered head injuries also from shrapnel, and his 10 year-old daughter Ubaida was also wounded and passed out. The shelling caused extensive damage to the building, an ambulance and another car. The anti-tank missile that hit the military intelligence installations in Deir Al Balah destroyed one of the buildings and wounded: · Abdullah Eed (24) from Deir Al Balah, in the right thigh · Imad el Zari’ee (28) from Deir Al Balah, in the face, hands and head · Hani Abu Hani (36) from Al Nasir in Gaza, in the hands and feet · Tahir Ayash (25) from Deir Al Balah, in the head and legs · Nabeel el Rantisi (35) from Deir Al Balah, in the face and hands · Isam Al Makeed (34) from Al Sheikh Radwan in Gaza, in the hands and legs · Wisam Sabah (22) from Al Maghazi refugee camp, in several parts of the body · Abdullah el Bshiti (39) from Al Maghazi refugee camp, in the left foot · Basim Said (27) from Al Maghazi refugee camp, in the right leg · Khalid Shihada (30) from Gaza, in several parts of the body Yesterday’s shelling of Betunia killed Tayseer Al Amuri (45), who was shot several times in the head. LAW Society strongly condemns the war crimes of the Israeli forces against Palestinian people. LAW also expresses its deep regret at the international community’s silence towards such crimes. LAW calls on the Security Council to convene for an urgent discussion about the 7 month-old Israeli assault against Palestinians. The Security Council must act immediately to send international protection for the Palestinian people.

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