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3 March 2001: Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians over last 24 hours


Seven Palestinian civilians killed and 18 injured by Israeli forces within 48 hours: International community called upon to establish Criminal court or tribunal to prosecute perpetrators of War crimes.

4 March 2001

Three more Palestinian civilians were killed last night, including one woman, and 5 injured (3 under the age of 18, including a 10 year old). These willful killings and willfully caused injuries are a result of the policy of escalating violence and excessive force used by Israeli forces against Palestinians, at the instigation of, and resulting from threats made by, Israeli army commanders and political leaders against the Palestinian people. The Palestinian civilians killed were : Š Baher Shafik Mahmoud Oda, 18 years old, Hawara Village; Š Ahmed Hasan Hahmed Alen, 18 years old, Kariot Village, in Nablus region; Š Ida Daoud Musa, 43 year old woman of El Berih. These killings has raised the number of those killed within the last 48 hours to 7, including amongst them two children. 18 have now been injured, including 8 under the age of 18 years old (the youngest being 6 years old). None of the Israeli soldiers or settlers involved in these deliberate killings or willfully caused injuries have been investigated or are being prosecuted. According to LAW’s documentation, at 8.30 p.m. last night inhabitants of Hawara village saw unusual cars with Israeli number plates in their village. Some of the Palestinian youths from the village tried to block their route and threw stones at the cars. The occupants of the Israeli cars were Israeli soldiers disguised as Palestinians: otherwise known as “el Mustaribeen”. The Israeli forces fired heavily upon the Palestinian youths. As a result of the excessive and disproportionate force used by the Israeli forces: one of the Palestinian youths, Baher Shafik Mahmoud Oda, was killed. He was killed by three bullets of live ammunition. He was shot once in the stomach, once in the leg, and once in the back. In the same incident three other men were injured, whose names are: Š Morad Lafi Hasan, 20 years old, severely injured; Š Akram Ali Terwari, 17 years old, shot by live ammunition in the shoulder; Š Suleiman Abraham Ouda, 16 years old, injured. At 8.30pm on 3 March 2001, a settler from Gilo settlement deliberately fired at Ahmed Hasan Hahmed Alen, 18 years old from Kariot, whilst he was driving his car on his way back from Ramallah, where he works, to his village. He was shot with live ammunition in the head and died immediately. There were no clashes or demonstrations taking place and no firing by Palestinians against the settlement, when Ahmed was murdered by the settler. At 7.30 pm last night, Israeli occupying forces in the Israeli settlement of Basgot, situated in el Tawila Mountain, attacked the Friends School, in El Bira using heavy weaponry. Ida Daoud Musa, a resident of El Bira, was walking on the street and was passing Friends school with her son and daughter, when she was hit with a 5 mm live ammunition bullet. The bullet entered her chest, damaging her internal organs before it settled in her upper right leg. Her daughter, Nadil Musa, 12 years old, was hit by shrapnel in her left arm. Another woman was also injured with shrapnel in her left arm in the same incident: Wafee Ahmed Muhammed Karan, 42 years old. No clashes or demonstrations were taking place at the time and there was no shooting from Palestinians at the Basgot settlement when the Israeli forces attacked the school. LAW condemns these increasing acts of violence, willful killings and willfully caused great suffering and serious injury by the Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians. LAW also condemns the threats being made by the Israeli political leaders and military commanders. LAW asks the International Community to immediately act to stop these grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention, amounting to war crimes that are being perpetrated against Palestinian civilians. It asks the International Community to establish a Criminal Court or Tribunal to bring the perpetrators of these war crimes to account, and to take positive measures to protect the Palestinian people.


Seven Palestinian civilians killed

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