3 March 2001

Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians over last 24 hours

In the past 24 hours, the Israeli forces have escalated their attacks on Palestinian civilians. They have tightened the siege imposed on the Palestinian towns, especially Ramallah and el Bireh, where they have placed more barricades on the roads connecting Jalazone refugee camp, Dura el Kari’a, and Ein Yabroud with Ramallah and el Bireh. The Israeli forces’ escalation of attacks have resulted in the killing of three Palestinians during the last 24 hours. A fourth has died of wounds of an earlier shooting. Apparently in all four cases, those killed had not been taking part in any demonstrations or clashes and were not posing any threat to Israeli soldiers or settlers when they were killed. Obai Daraj, 9 years old, killed On Friday, 2 March, Israeli forces stationed at Psagot settlement reportedly opened fire at Palestinian residential areas in el Bireh hitting 9-year-old Obai Daraj in the chest. Based on LAW Society’s documentation, the Palestinian boy was hit while in his bedroom on the 4th floor of the building, which his family has recently moved to. The boy died on arrival at Ramallah state hospital. Abdul Kareem Abu Asba, 23 years old, killed On 2 March, Friday afternoon, clashes broke out in Kalandia. Abdul Kareem Abu Asba (23) from Kalandia refugee camp was reportedly shot while coming home after shopping from a nearby grocery store. Abu Asba died on arrival at Ramallah state hospital. Mustafa el Ramlawi, 42 years old, killed On 2 March, Friday morning, Israeli soldiers in Natsarim junction reportedly fired an artillery shell at a mentally handicapped Palestinian named Mustafa el Ramlawi (42) from el Braij refugee camp hitting him in the face. They then shot him in the head and the left leg. According to information gathered by LAW, el Ramlawi left his house on Thursday March 1, in the evening, carrying a sack on his back. On Friday morning, while attempting to cross Natsarim junction, Israeli soldiers shot him dead from a distance of 100 meters. Mohammad Halas, 13 years old, killed 13-year-old Mohammad Halas from el Shajaiyi was pronounced dead at el Shifa’a hospital in Gaza of wounds sustained on 27 February 2001. Halas was said to have been shot in the head in an unprovoked incident by Israeli soldiers at el Mintar crossing east of Gaza. Excessive use of force in demonstration near el Bireh Israeli soldiers reportedly fired rubber coated steel bullets and two gray-colored missiles said to have contained highly concentrated gas at demonstrators in the clashes that broke out on Friday, 2 March, near the City Inn Hotel, north of el Bireh. 34-year-old Kisra Yaseen suffered a severe case of gas inhalation and spasm. Ramallah hospital medical sources reported that this type of gray-colored missile was similar to that, which Israeli forces used against Palestinians in Khan Yunis. Medical personnel injured The following paramedics of the Palestinian Medical Relief Committees were wounded: · Nasir Jamjoum (32) hit by a steel bullet in the mouth, which broke his teeth · Riham Juma’a (18) hit by a rubber coated steel bullet in the left shoulder · Arafat Zayid (18) hit by a rubber coated steel bullet in the left foot · Rami Abu Dayi (20) hit by a rubber coated steel bullet in the head Excessive use of force during demonstration in Deir Nitham The following Palestinians, and Palestinian protesters were wounded on Friday when Israeli forces broke into the village of Deir Nitham, west of Ramallah: · Imad el Tamimi (44) a paramedic, hit by a rubber coated steel bullet in the left leg · Zeid Faraj (25) shrapnel wounds in the left hand · Mohammad Mis’ad (41) shot in the right thigh and arm · Ahmad Yacoub (10) hit by a rubber coated steel bullet in the left thigh · Mohammad Faraj Mohammad (8) hit by a rubber coated steel bullet in the right jaw · Anan Abdullah (10) hit by a rubber coated steel bullet in the pelvis *Shelling of el Barazeel: Children injured On 2 March, Friday evening, Israeli forces are said to have shelled el Barazeel quarter in Rafah wounding Mohammad Kishta (6) and Mukhtar Barbakh (11) in the legs and arms.

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